About Us

Food is no longer just a source of sustenance and survival, it is an art designed to entice, intrigue and send you on a sensory adventure. The food truck business offers us, young and daring chefs, a canvas to challenge and express ourselves.

Meals on Wheels has an amazing team of young and dynamic chefs constantly on the search for innovative and exciting flavour combinations. We serve as a “Pop Up Kitchen” with all our food stuffs prepared on demand and served exclusively through a mobile food truck. This ensures that all the food is served fresh at the highest quality.

Due to our mobility we are not confined to operate under a single location. We believe that this is the magic ingredient that keeps our clients excited, interested and looking forward to finding us at different locations.

With the food truck fever fast spreading across the world, Zimbabwe has started  catching the bug…with the demand of instant service and on the go technology we have also evolved to move with the times.